Our professional skin therapists are dedicated to helping create the perfect skin journey just for you. All our facial treatments are tailored and customised to suit your skin type, concerns and desired outcomes. We recommend to do treatments in a series over a course of 6-12 week (fortnightly treatments) with a specific at home skin care regime to maximise your results.

Spray Tanning

We have two brand of tan here at Embella, one green based & one violet based. The green base tan being “Loving Tan” & violet base being “Tuscan Tan”. As everyone has different skin tones people suit different based tans. By the books, cool skin tones tend to suit green based tans better as the green counter acts with the underlying pink hues in your skin while violet suits warmer skin tones due to counteracting with the yellow hue in your skin. But really its personal preference about what colour you feel suits you best.


Here at Embella we do all types of waxing from head to toe, male to female. We use all professional high end products as well as taking great care when it comes to removal of hair. All our therapists are highly trained & here to look after you to make your experience the most comfortable.


Lash tinting, darkens the lashes which helps to make your natural lashes appear longer & fuller. It is semi permenant and will last up to 2 weeks.

Brow tinting, helps to make your brows shape more defined as well as filling in any gaps within your brows. Perfect if you’re wanting an easier morning routine when it comes to applying makeup.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelashes extensions are semi permanent lash extensions, that get glued onto your natural lash using high quality professional products. They come in all different lengths, widths & curls meaning everyone can have a unique set of eyelashes which suit them personally. They can last anywhere between 1-5 weeks depending on everyones individual lash cycle & how well they are looked after. Lash extensions do not damage your natural lashes if applied correctly and with care. Here at Embella we pride ourselves on correct application & making sure you are 100% happy with your service.